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They offer shamanism home study courses, an excellent magazine and friendly community. You can read about the aims and The Sisters of the Valley make their products in sync with the moon. New batches are started on the New Moon in prayer and ceremony, and are Seeing the weed nuns in my local city was a bit of a dream come true. I am very proud to announce the new name for this website Please update your bookmarks to www.

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The Astrology Summary of Manasa

How have the last six months been for you? There is a subtle shift in the energy Thoughts for the astrology of the New Moon in Capricorn. We currently have SIX planets in Capricorn. That is quite a rarity.

Snake worship is closely tied with the god Siva and Manasa being the daughter of Siva is believed by most scholars to be the reason for her snake worship Khumar Maity It is also believed that snake worship went hand in hand with those civilizations that worshipped the sun. Snake worship and the Nagas are also referenced in Indian literature and religious books, such as the Vedas, the Mahabharata, the Puranas and the Jatakas Khumar Maity In the mythic account Manasa returns, ascending the lotus leaf from which she descended and presents herself in front of her father Siva, urging him to take her home with him to Mount Kailasa.

Reluctantly, he agrees and hides her in a flower basket for he fears what his wife Durga will think. It is her poisonous eye from which she can kill with one glance as she releases all her malignant powers with it. Her right eye is her nectar eye or amrtanayan in which she can restore life to whomever she has killed with her left eye.

Alya Manasa (Actress) Height, Weight, Age, Boyfriend, Biography & More

It is believe in India that those people who are blind in one eye possess the evil eye and are seen as an ill-omens William Manasa is equated with Kadru, the mother of the serpents, who is also one eyed William Manasa appears in many forms. One is her true self which is envious, malicious and easily angered where she kills with no remorse and is compared to resemble the cenga fish, a snake-headed fish that is so revolting it is deemed unfit to eat.

What is the meaning/definition of Manasa ?

Her true form is compared to a one-eyed, fish-faced limping old hag a witch William Another form is the conventional, beautiful and voluptuous goddess with four arms and yellow tinted skin. Her body is decorated only with snakes, much like her father Siva. Her vahana vehicle is either the swan or the snake.

Manasa Name meanings English Hindi Manasa Rashi Nakshatra

The Sij plant; of the cactus family, is sacred to Manasa as it has abilities to cure poisons, but on most occasions is not used for worship William 21, She is usually depicted in two different forms of iconography, one being her four-arm depiction and the other, a two armed one.

In her four armed image she is surrounded by a canopy of seven snake hoods and in her upper right and left hands she holds a snake and a pot, her lower hands are holding a rosary and a manuscript.

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Her two-arm depiction is of her seated on a lotus flower, under the canopy of seven snakes, a lotus bud in her right hand in the varada pose and a snake in her left hand Khumar Maity Manasa is worshipped during the rainy season June-August , as the rain and floods force the snakes out of their lairs and the chance of getting bit is significantly higher. During this time it is a communal celebration where some villagers will gather clay pots, garlands, conch-shells, iron bangles, red-bordered saris, incense and food offerings like mangos, melons, bananas and sweets.

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  • One or more male goats are also sacrificed. The goddess is represented, herself, by a sacred pot Manasar-bari , filled with water. This represents her fertility and makes reference to the fertility of the snake. As it is believed the goddess also has inherent power over fertility she is worshipped by women who wish to become mothers Khumar Maity She is also, in some places known as a curer of diseases, the rain-giver as she is worshipped during the rainy season and since snakes are believed to be the guardians of treasure, Manasa is also seen as a wealth giver Khumar Maity Manasa is worshipped by all classes and in many different places which include near a sij tree of bush, in the home or in private shrines and in some villages, by the bank of a river Khumar Maity Her puja worship , by the Bauris caste, who are low class earthen workers, perform the ceremony during the rainy season outdoors on an earthen altar.

    Sticks of bamboo are placed in each corner of the altar and tied together with a cotton thread.


    The altar is marked with vermilion red as is the sacred pot where a mango twig is placed upon it. Among other offerings that are placed on the altar, such as milk, plantain, incense, sandal, lighted lamps, rice Khumar Maity , a sij twig is also placed on the altar, wrapped in red cloth. Both the sij plant and the pot are independent symbols of Manasa Khumar Maity After the sacrifice of the goat, or goats in some cases, the performer of the ritual, any of the villagers can perform the ceremony places the blood of the goat in another pot and offers it to the goddess asking for protection and wellness.